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The Globalist Elites are attacking Populist movements, destroying democracy & freedom of speech.

The foundations of Western Society are under attack.

Get informed, get organised, fight back.


The Establishment has failed The People.


The Globalist Elite's international structures and deregulation of markets lead to the 2008 Financial Crisis. Nothing has ever been done to address these failings. The subsequent austerity policies resulted in a massive transfer of wealth from the working and middle classes to the very institutions responsible for the disaster. See Opposing Globalisation

Fearing a backlash, The Elites doubled down on their Global Agenda. Mass immigration (both legal and illegal) - see Uncontrolled Mass Immigration along with a growing underclass dependent on benefits, meant that those in power could rely on a loyal voter base. Those opposing these major societal changes were branded "Racist", "Fascist" or "White Supremacists" in an attempt to delegitimise their views - See Political Correctness Is A Dangerous Religion. Working and Middle Class living standards deteriorated on the back of cheap imported labour and the export of jobs to foreign countries with lower standards and costs. See Declining Living Standards The Elephant In The Room

Then came 2016. The Silent Majority voted for Populist Movements such as Brexit and Donald Trump's MAGA. Populist Parties surged ahead in Europe. The Elites have consistently tried to cancel these movements, backed up by biased mainstream media and Big Tech, but this did little to discourage those involved. See Social Media Censorship & Left Wing Media Bias

Then, in 2021, The Elites began to retake power. Although Brexit was finally delivered - See Brexit Victory, Project Fear has ramped up the campaign to re-join the EU, emboldened by the disputed election of Biden in the USA. Populist movements in Europe have been strangled by EU finance policies.

This has been accompanied by a deliberate erosion of civil liberties allowing The Elites to co-opt a willing mainstream media and Big Tech into censoring and cancelling any opinions that challenge their agenda. Spiralling national debts will result in the collapse of living standards again. The useful idiots of woke culture have been enlisted to back the Elites in the name of Social Justice. Groups such as Black Lives Matter, Antifa, Extinction Rebellion and Islamists - See The Islamification Of Europe Was Planned are being used to undermine the foundations of Western Society and promote an agenda far from their publicly displayed aims. Mainstream Media, Big Tech, the Civil Service, Police & Judiciary, Corporate Departments and Educational Establishment are all fully committed to this New World Order.

These steps are all part of a coordinated effort to concentrate power and wealth in the hands of a few unelected entities. To maintain profit by ensuring the people work and consume but never accumulate wealth. Speech is censored to ensure compliance either via cancel culture or "hate speech" laws - See All Criticism Will Be Cancelled. Multiculturalism See Britain's Integration Problem ensures a coordinated opposition is supressed.

Now is the time to make our voices heard, support and use Alt Tech, support alternative political parties, source news and information from independent outlets, support freedom of speech and real democracy, seek financial independence and self sufficiency where possible.

The values that built the Free World are under threat.


Fight back peacefully.

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2023 Globalism v Nationalism

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