The times they are a changin'

Populist parties are gaining ground. The ruing elites are desperately trying to retain  power.

The political landscape is shifting - make sure your voice is heard.



The political establishment have failed us all. Our economies were devastated by the 2008 financial crisis and little was done to address the underlying failings, an aggressive, destabilised Middle East has bred war and terrorism, the natural environment continues to be degraded and free market capitalism has concentrated wealth and usurped democracy.


The working class of all countries are paying the highest price for this failure with austerity, environmental damage and mass migration affecting the poorest the most. In the mean time the rich and powerful take advantage of globalisation to insulate themselves and their assets from the very effects that their system has created.


The answers from existing politicians are constrained by arguments of “right” and “left” whilst the majority want elements of both, so at the same time, neither.

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US Election Can Trump Still Win?

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