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Covid 19 has made preppers of us all

The Covid-19 crisis led to shortages of food and basic necessities. People started to realise that they needed to prepare better for such events and also for future events that may be even more disruptive. It is clear that we cannot always rely on the complicated interconnected system that supports our "everyday lives" as much as we thought we could.

No longer a niche interest Prepping  is becoming increasingly popular.

In a world where globalisation is supported by both the political establishment and big business, because of the opportunities to increase profits and centralise control, the idea of prepping and becoming more self sufficient  is often derided. The powers that be are actively working against any movement that aims to reinstate national or regional control such as populist political parties or the vote for Brexit.

Covid has shown us the dangers relying on a globalised system.

In an era of mass migration, environmental disasters, civil unrest, terrorism and economic collapse it makes sense to prepare for events that expose the weaknesses of globalisation.

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