Anything else you're interested in is not going to happen if you can't breathe the air and drink the water. Don't sit this one out. Do something.

Carl Sagan

Globalisation is devastating the natural environment. Over consumption, waste and pollution, "normal" in developed nations has now been promoted and supported throughout the world. The planet is changing due to Global warming, although arguments rage about the accuracy of long term predictions we know that the use of fossil fuel produces carbon emissions and that CO2 contributes to global warming, although not yet by how much in relation to natural processes. In other words the globalised industrial system is affecting the planet. It makes sense to act now as a precautionary measure.

Not only would the switch to a less unsustainable, less consumerist, less global way of life mitigate some of global warming's effects it would result in a better quality of life. If we continue to ignore the warning signs the first people to suffer will be those with the least, those less able to cope with the changes, the most vulnerable.

Sustainability England believes that in crisis there lies opportunity - an opportunity to build a cleaner, safer and more equitable world. See video Global Warming - A Response


To immediately start the switch to sustainable energy -  renewable energy & nuclear power

Promote government business initiatives for environmental projects using workfare as applicable.

Promote national, local production to reduce reliance on world trade

Aim to become as self sufficient in essential resources. as possible

Renationalise public transport and transfer to electric vehicles. Offer free limited access to every citizen.

Promote telecommuting home working to reduce commuting emissions.

Increase tax on high emission vehicles to subsidise public and private electric vehicles

Increase cycle/walking lanes

Research and develop electricity storage and hydrogen fuel technology


Encourage the use of energy micro generation via grants and feed in tariffs


Develop brown field sites in preference to building on green belt land

All new buildings to comply with highest environmental standards and offer grants for upgrading existing buildings

Fit solar panels to all appropriate public buildings

Develop and subsidise high tech organic farming

Ensure high animal welfare farming methods. Ban halhal slaughter

Promote large scale recycling and zero waste schemes

Ensure the polluter pays principal is enforced.

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