Now, the dividing line is not between left and right but globalists and patriots

Speech of Marine Le Pen after her defeat in the French regional elections, 2015, The Wall Street Journal

The promises of globalisation, equality, peace and prosperity have not materialised. Instead we have a system run by and for elite individuals and multinational companies. Income inequality has widened, democracy has been usurped by unelected officials and corporations, the threat of Islamic terrorism haunts the world, environmental degradation and global warming continue. See video Opposing Globalisation

The people paying the price for this destabilisation are the poorest, with the rich and powerful able to move themselves and their assets to avoid the negative consequences. At the same time their wealth and power is being consolidated.

However, populist nationalistic parties are gaining ground as people attempt to take back control. Sustainability England supports this movement and celebrates the withdrawal of Britain from the European Union. Latest Brexit video see Brexit Victory

Globalisation - The problem NOT the solution

Similar movements are taking hold all across Europe

On 31st January 2020 Britain finally left the European Union. This film gives many of the reasons why.

Generation Identity - anti globalisation European youth movement

In November 2016 Donald Trump was elected president on a platform of not being a politician. Steve Bannons documentary Trump @War

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